Jala Wharton, was born in Traverse City, located in Northern Michigan, the which sits on the edge of Lake Michigan and is connected to an endless number of lakes and rivers.

Jala has been professional model for more than 18 years and has been fortunate to work with FORD, WILHELMENA of NYC & Los Angeles, as well as MUSE Models in Australia. Traveling to many parts of the world has had a profound impact on my growth as a person and a woman.

Eight years ago he decided to return again your home, to be closer to their roots and to raise a family.

A mistress of fashion, to be physically fit, healthy food, and all things is considered healthy.

After two children and about to stay pregnant with twins, began looking for a new activity for incorporation into your exercise routine, it was then that he discovered SUP.

He quickly hooked and before long he realized the great physical and mental benefits was paddling. It was great but rowing as ride was not enough, every time I wanted to go faster and faster.

He began participating in racing merely as self-improvement. Without being a competitive woman, she felt the need to further improve, while becoming a member of an ever wider community. Every time racing, he was mentally stronger.

So he tells us one of his tests.

I had entered an 11-mile down winder race, and the weather was terrible. There was a three-hour storm delay, and as soon as the thunder and rain stopped we took off.

The wind was all from the west, not the south wind we had hoped for. Winds gusts topped speeds of 18-25 knots the entire way; white caps were cresting up to nine feet high!

Paddling only on the right side was killing my shoulders; everywhere I looked people were falling off their boards. By mile eight I was in so much pain I started crying. All I wanted to do was lie down and let the waves carry me to shore, but my husband and four kids were at the end waiting for me.

One thing I tell my children all the time is to never give up. I couldn’t be a hypocrite, so I dug deep. As I turned the corner for the final stretch, I could hear my family cheering for me. To see my sweet, silly husband and kids all jumping up and down, yelling, “You did it Mom,” took all my pain away … momentarily at least.


That race taught me many things but most of all that we are much stronger than we allow ourselves to be.











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