Name: Lene Kyte
Born: Norway
Age: 36 years
Local: Herdla, Norway.
Stance: Regular
Favorite Maneuve: Spock
Surfer reference: Sarah Quita Offringa & Balz Müller


You never know where or when the magic of these sports are going to fill you with pure passion. Lene’s magic for windsurf was triggered by a big photograph hanging in her parents’ chamber. She used to stare at it, watching her twin sister and her with mom and dad windsurfing at a Beach in Norway.

She had been a professional diver for lots of years. Yet her inner voice was eagerly asking for adrenaline and action. It was then that she let her dormant dream flow and gave surfing a try. She fell in love with it ever since.

She’s been windsurfing for six years now, three of them freestyle. Her very first freestyle competition was held in Fuerteventura, at the World Cup (PWA) 2015 where he finished first, ended up in a 10th place overall. Then again she participated in 2016 to end up being 9th.

A positive girl, hard-working, creative, cheerful and adventurous. With just one goal:

 To keep competing in windsurf, travel the world, get to know new places and become a rider in the International team 











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