Nathan Ledyard is a law student at the Washington DC university, started painting as a hobby hardly 5 years ago.

She started painting on fabric and without almost wishing she was developing an unknown talent, but she didn´t discover her own style until 2013, emerging the idea to carve her drawing in wood giving them texture and shape. This is how she discovered the wood inspired her increasingly and so she decided to provide more texture and shape getting a 3-D piece.

She started selling her work on-line, then in art galleries and only 2 years later she gave up her job to concentrate 100% on what today is her bigger passion.

Nature and ocean are the main topics in all the pieces, loving and having a strong conexion, despite of growing in a rural zone in Pensilvania.

In 2005 Nathan decided to fulfill her dreams moving to live close to the sea and she chose San Diego, CA, where she is living so far.

She exhibits in Hawai, California and East coast galleries.










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