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More and more women who struggle every day for equality, for their rights, to break into a society full of discrimination.

Today we have a clear example of this struggle, at age 35 and the mother of two children , Miriam Rasmuseen has been voted «International Ambassador» for CHALLENGER SAILS.


How do you feel about being chosen this great brand ambassador?

I feel proud and a little surprised over the fact that i have sponsors at all. I have no racing results yet, and I am an «old » woman, one should think that the Industry was looking for athletes with a different profile. Claudio from Challengersails was my first sponsor, and he has supported and helped me since we met two years ago.

I have tried to communicate the joy I feel when I windsurf, even if I am not the best windsurfers around. several manufacturers of windsurfing equipment has picked up on this, which has given me an unique opportunity to devote my life to windsurfing. My dream is to life off windsurfing, I have multiple strategies which I am currently working on to make this happen.


When you miss look back , what memories do you have of your beginnings in sports?

My first season I fractured my right knee joint in a catapult! I became addicted to morphine, and the doctors couldn’t promise me I could walk normally again. I was really depressed and feared everything was over! I started building myself up, and after six months i started skiing and windsurfing again, I still get stronger each year, and windsurfing becomes more and more important to me.

When I think back I remember both the frustration and fears I experienced whilst sailing. But I also remember the great experiences of finally succeeding with techniques I have been practicing on for months! This feeling is so strong that it kept me going no matter what I endured, and I still feel the same way, every day.


You’re a different girl to the other , because you do not pigeonhole into one sport, but several practices. Tell us a little this side of you , so multifaceted?

Norway has 4 seasons, for us it is natural to do the activities that is best suited for the season. Fun can be had in so many ways, and you should have fun!

The different activities all represent different challenges, but they all have one thing in common: If you expose yourself regularly to challenges that you don’t master, you will gradually become a different, maybe better person. You learn to handle problems by finding solutions, you learn to suppress the feeling of fear by focusing on your technique, and you learn to forget about pain by having a great time!

I have changed drastically over the past three years. I have become more confident, and I am happier. I am not afraid anymore, like I used to be, and last but not least – I feel I have always have something to look forward to!


I suppose in each of the sports you play, find something beautiful. ¿What have you found to Windsurf, to be your favorite sport?

Windsurfing is the most complex sport I have ever tried. I have so much more to learn, yet every stage gives you the feeling that you have truly achieved something, Furthermore, standing on the board, holding the sail in my arms, my body becomes the connection between the elements of wind and water. Crusing over the water in 30 knots on my race kit feeling in control is probably the strongest emotional input i have ever felt! Its like being in a vacuum – nothing else exits.

No worries, no pain – nothing but pure happiness! It is safe to say that I have become addicted to this sport 🙂


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How long have you started practicing Windsurf? ¿And why?

I started windsurfing three years ago. My brother died from an overdose some years prior to this. This incident started a process within me, where I asked myself what I wanted from life. I felt unhappy, and my life felt empty without my brother, At first I wanted to take up wavesurfing, but as the waves in Norway are too far away, I bought my first windsurfing board instead and started off.


When did you start racing?

I have not competed yet, as my skills haven’t been good enough. This has however changed over the past months, so I feel ready to start racing this year! I will enter all the PWA events, Defi WInd and most Scandinavian events. I hope to learn more about racing this season, so I can compete for real in 2016.


It must be hard windsurfing in your country, ¿To what temperature you face every day?

I sail year round, in order to get enough time on water. Of course I prefer to sail during summertime, then we have temperatures from 15-25 degrees. During spring and winter we have 5-10 degrees, and my personal record for winter sailing is -6 degrees! 😀


How to combat the cold?

Its only a matter of good suits, and the right mental focus. («there is no spoon») I use three different suits, summer 2-3 mm, autumn, 3-5 mm, and 5-7mm drysuit for the coldest winter sessions. I run for 10 minutes with my suit on before I go out so my core temperature is high, I use open palm mittens and neoprene booties, and I hardly ever feel cold.


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Do you have any close target?

My goal for the 2015 season is to establish myself as a reliable competition windsurfer. I need to participate in a lot of races to become experienced enough to handle any conditions.


What makes Miriam Rassmusen to be so beautiful and have such power?

I love windsurfing! And when you are in love, anyone will look beautiful in his or hers way!


What would you say to all those women who follow you and see in you an example of struggle?

I can’t tell anyone how to live their life. We are all different so whats right for me, isn’t necessarily right for you. I can tell you how I think, and maybe you can adapt some of it.

First I decided what I wanted from life. Remember, no choice is wrong if it is the choice you have made! In my previous life I was very concerned of other peoples opinion on how I should live my life.

When my brother died, I started thinking, and came to the conlusion that this is wrong! I want to decide myself!! To my surprise the world has a strong opinion on this – there are quite a few people around that does not accept other to life the way they want.

This cost me my marriage – my ex-husband strongly disapproved of the changes I made in my life. So be advised that if you choose to go your own way, there will be sanctions from your surroundings. I don’t think I would experience the same negativity if I was a man. Even if Norway is supposed to be one of the most egalitarian countries in the world, I regularly encounter people who don’t understand and critize me for the choices I have made.

I decided to reach my goal through achieving skills. For me it is easier to believe in myself, when I know I am able to do this and that. Its real – not only a feeling or a thought.

I chose to document my transition. I spent two years doing this before anyone noticed. I have been very patient, and have had no expectations that anything would happen. If you want to do the same, please bear in mind that this is a lot of work! I can state very clearly that everything I have achieved is directly proportional to the amount of work I have put down on this project.
If this isn’t your goal – remember that windsurfing is fulfilling in itself – you don’t need anyone watching you to have a great time! Windsurfing is a great challenge as it is very difficult. Don’t give up – If you spend enough time on water, you WILL succeed! Remember not to focus on the problems you are encountering – all problems have a solution – look for this instead! If you learn to do this when you are windsurfing – remember that most challenges in life is easier than learning to windsurf 🙂

For me this was a project that couldn’t fail – the worst outcome would be that I would become a good windsurfer – which would make me a winner no matter what 🙂


Thank you Miriam for showing the world that » LOVE is POWER «


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