Who does not dream of living an adventurous life,take a bagpack, disappear from the planet, became a reporter, live life to the maximum, smile to the old generation and learn from them, wherever in the world, share with children stories and adventures… a life without destination or limit.

Well, thi is what our SUP explorer Tati Coco SUP does when she is not teaching in a school or working as a SUP Instructor.

She only needs a board, paddle, drybag and a lot of energy but she is already full of for sure! From 600km or a easy tour she can carry on with all!

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..when you were a kid and your teacher asked you what do you want to do when you grow up? Instead of saying dancer or doctor, I used to reply “Globe trotter”!! 😉


Hello tati , tell us a bit more abour your roots?

I love the word “roots”, as I think that when you hear it the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a tree with lots of roots expanding everywhere. I am and I feel 100% Andalusian, but at the same time I feel that I am from anywhere as I love adventure and I love to explore. I feel free wherever I am going and I enjoy exploring without restraint.


How did you start stannd up paddle boarding?

I always loved water and I grew up in a beautiful and wild forest zone with plenty of rivers and lakes. The first time I experienced and swam in the sea I was about 19 years old. I was so terrified I thought that the sea wanted to swallow me up and that I would disappear into it. When I moved to New Caledonia (an island in the Pacific Ocean) I realized that I had to overcome that fear and enjoy all the sea has to offer me. I saw Laird Hamilton on TV on one of these boards with a paddle and I thought, «that’s it». If I stand on one of those things I will not touch the water and I can look down and see what is happening deep in the water. So I bought my first inflatable from RED Paddle Co and I began my first challenge: being able to overcome my fear of the sea using the SUP and so I achieved this! The problem is that now I am completely addicted to SUP!


Do you think that being an explorer was something you had already before starting paddleboarding or it grew doing sup adventures?

I think adventure was always within me. Do you remember when you were a kid and your teacher asked you what do you want to do when you grow up? Instead of saying dancer or doctor, I used to reply “Globe trotter”. I was always very independent and I had the need to be outdoors… feeling lost. Since I was a very little girl I spent my time building tree houses, playing the reporter who investigates these new places. My mum was desperate…hummm! She still is…poor mum, I am not the typical woman, married with kids and a housewife…but more a woman hungry for adventure, exploring and discovering….I have my dad to thank for that who I used to go trekking with every Sunday for five hours in the forest and I don’t know how, but we were able to get lost, even if we knew every part of the forest like the back of our hand…we were lost….and this feeling of being lost and having to discover a new path is what really attracted me to it!


Where was your first experience?

My first time on a SUP was in New Caledonia and it was such a great pleasure for me. It’s an incredibly beautiful place between the sea and the mountains.


In how many countries have you been?

I have been exploring France, Spain, Italy, Sri Lanka, Thailande, Australie, New Caledonia and… I still have so many places to look after!


How was your first experience?

Because of my fear of the sea I was always “shitting my pants” but the advantage was that my balance was really excellent as I was so afraid to fall in the water and that a strange animal would eat me! So from that point of view from standing on the board I discovered the fantastic world of water!





The way you live require a stable economy?

Yes and yes. We can’t survive an adventure even if its for 600km without some income or my sponsors. I try to save money and when I have enough for a project, I challenge myself for a new adventure. ( If you know some people who wants to sponsor me and pay me for being a SUP explorer I will immediately sign up! Hahahaha)


What is for you exploring? How would you describe this feeling of exploring?

Freedom, knowledge, experience, discovering, pain, suffering and pleasure!


Your adventures are for any reason or just for the fun of exploring?

My adventures always started from nowhere and I think it will be always like that. After I make a decision about what I will be doing, it is true that I need to create a basic plan. To be honest, I am very strict and organized but at the same time I go with the flow. If it is working well I will be very happy but if something it is going wrong I adapt myself with any problems to the new situation. I am very open minded and I can adapt myself and overcome every situation.


Do you have any project or adventure plan in the future?

There is always something in my mind and my idea is to spend between 3 to 5 months traveling wherever or where people want to invite me and explore some new places. I am planning a project which will start on 7 November and it will be the beginning of my winter challenge! I already have some offers from countries like Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Portugal… so its up to me wherever I will be able to go! Now I am in Ireland working as SUP Instructor for Pure Magic and I would love to explore this beautiful country a little more.


What does life means for you?

I always say “Life is bullshit” with all my respect it is what I think so I spent my life fighting against that and fighting for being happy and share this happiness all around me. I have a very positive behavior, I laugh very easily, I love to be with people who return the happiness, energy and peace. I hate rude or negative people, pessimists, people who don’t fight or who are lazy…and the people who are not thankful.


Each person is different, everyone is different,which lead us to live life in a way or another. How is your life style?

My life style looks like for some very unstable and for other so incredible. I just simply follow destiny. My life was not easy and I come from a poor family. My parents are honest workers and always made sure that we had food, home and education. They sacrificed everything for the family. They were always very generous even if they themselves didn’t have too much. My dad taught me to be patient and instilled in me a great love of nature and from my mum I inherited affection and the gift to be kind and to protect all the people I love.


Our favorite quote is “be rich being poor”. Yours?

“Life is bullshit”. “for what”, “I am hungry” “ I need a coffee”…”f****’ “thanks”, “you are so lovely”, “pfffff…”, “okayyyyy”, “ Let see…”, “I dare you can’t…”
My favourite sentence has no words but it is my own smile and laugh…and hear how people reply with an other smile or laugh back!


Thank you very much Tati to make a stop along the way and leave a little bit of you in Lola surfers.



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