CATERINA STENTA professional windsurfer tell us how she passed her lockdown after the covid-19 and which are her short term goals.


I enjoy maybe a lot more now than before, being outside with nature again


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Hi Caterina,
Before starting, How do you feel after this big break that has given us the life?

Hello to all readers of LolaBacara, I hope you’re ok.
After this big break for which we have been blocked for 54 days here in Italy, finally I came back to my training outdoor routine and I feel great. I’m enjoying maybe a lot more,being outside with nature again and although someday I don’t do a long workout or don’t feel good, I’m very happy to be able to train relaxed in nature again, I’m very grateful for every workout that I do outside. I valorate more than before.


At what point in life and where did the lockdown catch you?

When it began here March 10 I was in my house from Italy. I came back from South Africa on February 20 where I went to train in Windsurfing and do a photoshooting for my sponsor RRD, and at the beginning of March I was in Austria for take advantage of the snow and do some mountain ski. I went to my house on March 9, and just after that it began what we never imagined. My plan was to continue training for the season in Canarias, precisely Tenerife, but I’m here in Italy, taking advantage and enjoying of what I have here and the happy truth of not having traveled before to Canarias, where the restrictions It seems to me that they were even more rigid than here.


How did you do these two months to keep you fit?

When all began and we realized the situation was going to be long and serious, I propused first of all to continue the routine of workout, for not lose my schedule and the regularity of the training. So I bought some curlers for my bicycle and being able to do home exercise, I created several cardio and strength circuits. I continued with discipline my trainings, every morning and every afternoon, taking advantage to do some strength exercises and different stability that I think now it helped me to be stronger again and without having lostaste too much workout. I also published some exercise that I did in the past on my Instagram @caterinastenta 🙂


Do you consider yourself the same or there is something that changed due to the lockdown?

I think that each experience it changes you a little bit, it evolves or at least I try to improve and evolve a little more each time. Surely this lockdown has been a hard experience that it tested us. I think so, I changed, I learnt things about me that maybe I didn’t know very well. I also learnt to have a regular discipline in a hard situation and not motivating like before, I learnt to appreciate things that we have around us a lot more than before. Never like now, I appreciate the environment of my home. The sea that I have here, the walking trails for running, the wild nature of the Alps where I live. Before maybe I was convinced of what I liked more only was too far, In Canarias, South Africa, in the ocean, but I learned of what I really make me happy know how to take advantage of what you have.


Now which is your closest goal?

Right now I go step by step, because I exactly don’t know in which competition there will be or if there will be any, but I continue training and thinking yes there will be and that’s why that I need to be prepared. Talking about workouts and competitions, my goal is to continue the circuits by Stand Up Paddle and being super fit for them. Seems that it will begin in August, so my workouts are focused for being prepared for this season.
Although I’m also training for my own satisfaction and personal wellness that the training it gives me. I have seen, especially during the lockdown, at the end I’m used to this life of trainings and if I did before more centered in competitions, now even if they stop, I wouldn’t do it different. Training and training with regularity is what make me feel good, with the body and my mind. And the competitions are an excuse to training and to tune every detail of the workout. To compete is funny, is motivating, inspirational, it’s a drive for our sport to continue improving. But that’s the reason for what I really do this is my way to live and feel good. If I not workout, I’m not feeling 100% of my capacity. I also will take advantage of this time to give some private class and enlarge a little bit the Stand Up Paddle here where I live.


What would you say to the world?

I would say to them to appreciate of what we have, even though there won’t be many travels, competitions or holidays, take advantage of nature that we have around us, anywhere we can find beautiful places and enjoy of being outside, outdoors. Maybe they could take advantage of this time to do something different, news proyects, news challenges or merely see with different eyes what before seemed normal to us.


Thank you so much Caterina once again for being with us we are very pleased that you are well. A hug!

Thanks to you, greetings to all of you!




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