Paula Simons, was born in Uppsala (Sweden), although she currently lives in Jacó (Costa Rica) a tropical paradise and a perfect place to focus on photography.

She was interested in photography since she was a child. Whenever they went on vacation she borrowed his father’s camera to take photos and recording videos to her family. Over the years and tired of using point-and-shoot cameras, at her eighteenth year she bought her first digital reflex camera.

From then on she began to develop her ability as self-taught photographer, and learn different ways of editing within the world of photography.

I’ve seen great photographers shoot with nothing but an iphone, and the result has been amazing. For me it is more important the eye of the photographers and the story that you want to tell, than the technical things.


Focus her photography in portrait/fashion/lifestyle where she seeks to capture the natural beauty of the woman and her essence in the best possible way, showing them how absolutely beautiful they are. Although one of her last projects is to combine her photography with illustrations that she draws herself.

In a world with snapchat filters, make-up and crazy beauty ideals, see someone embrace their inner goddess and let their natural beauty shine, priceless and if with my work I can do that and they only acquire a little bit of confidence in They make me very happy. Because in front of my camera, for a second, they really accepted, hugged their body and their natural beauty, and let me capture it. This has become something that really satisfies my soul.



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